Egyptian Presidential Elections: Voting 2.0


My ballot: Against Shafik Until the End

I’ve been brewing in disbelief and disappointment for the past two weeks and thought it may be better to just get it all out. As I elections neared and the Mubarak trial verdict became clear, the exact opposite of what I would except happened all throughout Egypt. Keep reading this post…

Egyptian Presidential Elections: Morsi vs. Shafik

I think the Scream is an accurate depiction of how I’m feeling right now.

So, official results are out. Actually, they have been for upwards of a day. But I had an exam yesterday, so I decided to engage in some rare moments of studying. AKA cramming 300 pages worth of material in 2 days. Definitely NOT recommended by the way. And then there was the obligatory 12 hours of sleep after any exam. Keep reading this post…

Egyptian Presidential Elections: Voted!

My tanned hand (sun is crazy here) all inked up!

I was in line for a good hour and a half before I could actually vote, but I did!  I had to sign my name in Arabic (disaster), and dip my finger in ink.  The reasoning behind it is so there will be no duplicate votes from one person.  However, isn’t the name signing plus crossing the name out of the roster enough? Keep reading this post…