Egyptian Presidential Elections: Voted!

My tanned hand (sun is crazy here) all inked up!

I was in line for a good hour and a half before I could actually vote, but I did!  I had to sign my name in Arabic (disaster), and dip my finger in ink.  The reasoning behind it is so there will be no duplicate votes from one person.  However, isn’t the name signing plus crossing the name out of the roster enough?   No.  Well, no worries except that I don’t know the names of fingers in Arabic, so I heard the instructions as dipping in two things.  I looked at the first before me and just copied, figuring I’d be safe, but no, she did it wrong.  So I had to dip in two fingers in this awesomely hideous purple ink that isn’t supposed to come out for a week or so.  And the so-called instructions were “first knuckle of pointer finger.”  I heard the word for “first knuckle” followed by the words for “and pointer finger.”  So I assumed it would be two fingers and recognizing the word for “first,” I decided it must translate to first finger, equalling the pinky.  Yeah, pretty convoluted way of thinking, although that may be a direct consequence of my study habits (rarely existent but quite tortuous).

Anyway, looking at results, I realize how off I was with predictions.  To be fair though, I’ve looked at results for Alexandria (where I currently reside), and it seems to be the only state that has a mind of its own.  Shafik was the least popular in votes, which coincides with my initial statement that Moussa has more support from the Mubarak-experienced nominees.  Sabahi did gain a lot of voters, although I still see that a sudden shift to before the elections because he seemed to be put on the back burner for the longest time.  Looking at preliminary results now (official ones aren’t out yet), I’d be interested in seeing demographic data on Alexandria vs. the rest of Egypt to understand the differences in thinking.

As for the results for the run-offs themselves, well I’ll hold opinions and thoughts until the official ones are out (May 26th or 27th).

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