Egyptian Presidential Elections: Cram it All In

Elections are tomorrow!  And the next day.  And all of sudden, I feel people going into hysteria about who they’re voting for.  My post from a couple of days ago, I don’t even know if it’s true anymore.  At this point, it’s getting really hard to gauge people’s reactions.  These elections, which will mark a turning point in Egyptian history, seem to be a test for citizens. And as everyone is struggling to do all their last-minute cramming (thankfully minus the all-nighters), all the built-up information from the past couple of months is melting together, and people are left with a pool of information that’s vaguely comprehensive.

So, what to people do?  Well, I heard some are going to go to the voting booth and “wing it.”  Others are switching their stances so quickly, I worry they may get whiplash.  Whatever the case, these past couple of days have proved that Hamdeen is gaining support.  Not enough that he’d have a chance of winning but enough that it’s tipping off the scales in terms of whether a pro-revolution nominee will be elected.  Generally, people are voting between Moussa and Shafik (similar backgrounds and philosophies) vs. Morsi, Aboul Fotouh, and Hamdeen (not necessarily similar philosophies, but they’re seen as the opposite side of the coin with relation to the Mubarak regime).  With favoring of Morsi and Hamdeen increasing, it leaves many analysts at lost as to who will win.

Hope everyone’s getting their studying in, and I’ll report back once I’ve voted.

1 thought on “Egyptian Presidential Elections: Cram it All In

  1. مصطفى النجار
    التصويت الاستراتيجى باختصار هو أن يقوم الناخب باختيار مرشح يختلف معه فى بعض أفكاره ولا يقوم باختيار المرشح الذى يتوافق معه فى كل أفكاره لأن اختياره للمرشح الذى يتوافق مع كل أفكاره مع فرصته المحدودة فى الفوز، سيجعله أحد عوامل فوز المرشح الثالث الذى لا يتفق مع أفكاره تماماً، بل يعادى مشروعه واتجاهه.

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