Studying with Korean Dramas

Okay, so if it weren’t already clear, I have excellent procrastination skills.  I mean, starting a blog finals week probably hinges a little bit on the crazy side.  And as I look for more and more reasons to postpone studying, I’ll usually resort to one of three things: reading, exercising, or watching korean dramas (k-dramas).

This was actually a while back, but I had an exam coming up then too.  However, I was just too drawn to an airing k-drama called Flower Boy Ramyun Shop.  And with good reason, both Jung Il Woo and Lee Ki Woo were in the main cast.  So, honestly, it’s a bit unfair to completely fault me for succumbing into this.  I mean after watching the k-drama 49 Days, I couldn’t help but fall in love with our crazy, eccentric, resident Scheduler (played by Il Woo).  Actually, my ringtone is currently Il Woo’s voice as the scheduler telling me “hurry, pick up the phone” in Korean.

Il Woo’s “cool” image as Scheduler

Not so cool image!

Yes, those are french fries on his tracksuit jacket!

As for Lee Ki Woo, well, let’s just say I enjoyed him playing a slightly unhinged, yet endearing taekwondo instructor in the 2010 Korean movie Wedding Dress.  So, seeing this new drama, it was just too hard to pass up.  However, you know when you know you should be doing something, and while trying to avoid it (studying in this case), you begin seeing it everywhere?  Well, that’s what happened here.

Jung Il Woo played the character of Cha Chi Soo, an arrogant, robotic son of the biggest food conglomerate in Korea.  Because of his luxurious lifestyle, he is also somewhat of a player who’s never been attached to anyone.  So, once he starts falling in love with the main lead, he can’t help but be a bit confused.  So, here I am watching as the family’s secretary (?) is relaying information to Chi Soo’s father after a recent hospital visit.  The scene is particularly amusing to the viewer because the audience knows that his diagnosis is “falling in love.” (Side note: as a medical student, I was tempted to ask one of my professors if “falling in love” should be put in the differential diagnosis for the following symptoms).

I’m smiling and thinking that the doctor took his symptoms seriously is a complete joke.

Aww.  Poor Chi Soo can’t stop thinking about his new-founded love, thus rendering him unable to fall asleep.

 Haha! This is absolut- wait, dyspnea?  Really?!!?  You mean the “subjective feeling that a greater than normal amount of effort is needed to breathe or simpler terms, shortness of breath?”

Yes, sadly, that was my first thought.  Followed by, “I wonder what grade of dyspnea he has.”  And at that point, I had to stop the episode while thoughts from the past week’s lectures came flooding into my head.  If he’s having trouble sleeping, does he also have orthopnea?  Or maybe he has paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea.  And so on.

Plus side: I was actually studying for once, and now there’s no chance I’m going to forget anything associated with dyspnea.  Negative side: Studying is following me everywhere!  I mean, why can’t a procrastinator just procrastinate in peace?  Sheesh!

Conclusion: Keep watching korean dramas.  They do you good.

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